About us

BPlas, which forms part of the Gökçen family business, was founded in 1987 with Celal Gökçen as Managing Director. Its parent company can boast 150 years of experience in industrial production.

The main focus of BPlas is plastic injection moulding. The company has 102 injection machines at its disposal with a total clamping force of 40 – 5,000 tons.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology employed by BPlas along with its expertise in the fields of design, development, engineering, plastics processing technologies (injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, mold production) and surface decoration (painting, IMD, coating), BPlas is one of Turkey`s largest supplier of automotive parts. 

At the same time BPlas do some research and development work on new materials, new technologies for various sectors at it’s in-house R&D Center and at the R&D department at Istanbul Technical University and overseas.

BPlas carries out every stage of production in-house, from construction through to the finished product. As a Full Service Supplier (FSS) it is able to produce plastic components weighing anything from 2 grams to 64 kilograms.

The total injection and extrusion capacity of the company amounts to 65,000 tons per year. With six separate factories and a total workforce of 1.720, the company manufactures products for the automobile industry at home and abroad.

Alongside the automobile industry the company also supplies manufacturers of electrical domestic appliances and the construction industry (ECOGROUP).