Premiers at BPLAS

2014  Composite Panel Production

2012  Plastic Production for Tilter™ – Electric car

2010  High performance heat insulation material  Ecofoam Plus™

2009  PVD coating using sputtering process  (Automobile industry)

2008  Producer of the largest XPS heat isulation material to date

2007  Production of the largest injection mould to date in Turkey (Bumper for the Fiat 225)

2005  Production of the flooring coating material, Ecowood™

2004  Production of the waterproof isulation material, Ecodren™

2003  Two-tone varnish for the bumper / IP for the Fiat Palio / Albea models

2002  IP Sequence delivery (V227)

2001  Use of waterbased colour on IP

2000  5-axle processing (6m): Milling, cutting and production of models

1999  Pre-varnishing flame treatment (Robots)

1998  Laboratory for plastics technology

1994  Production of Woodstock composite material

1993  Varnishing of bumpers with UV application

1993  5.000 ton injection machine

1992  Production of 3D door cladding

1987  Production of plastic bumpers