Company Mission

"As an innovative company and a leader in our field, we see our role as satisfying international customer demands in a professional and ethical manner."

Celal Gökçen
Chairman, Founder, Partner and Fifth Generation Industrialist


Our Mission:

  • to edit special requests and costomer quality requirements quickly and to ensure error-free initial production;
  • to control the entire process, from design to after-sales support, and as an expert in our field, to be an indispensable supplier for the customer;
  • To convey the establishment and development of Customer Relationship Management System;
  • to implement new management techniques and approaches, such as Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, 6 Sigma, Value analysis management and data management;
  • to apply  ISO14001 environmental standards and environmentally friendly applications;
  • to place great emphasis on research and development;
  • to create a safe, healthy and ergonomic environment for employees.


Our Vision:

To be a world leader by internalizing the philosophy of continuous improvement, through sensibility towards society and the environment, through innovation at the global level and providing holistic solutions for our customers and the creation of sustainable values.


Customer Service

Our main aim is the Customer satisfaction. We provide every single customer with a dedicated contact partner and we treat every customer enquiry as a high priority issue.


Environment and Quality

BPlas believes as an environmentally conscious and responsible company to the necessity to bequeath to future generations a livable world. This approach is perceived as one of the basic elements of our strategic managementes and taken into account at every stage of our actions.

Our goal is to continue the sustainable environmental protection efforts within the company and to improve continuously with the support of all employees.


Occupational Health and Safety

BPlas long tradition and corporate structure attaches importance to the right to decent working and living circumstances. Our main aim is to carry out all activities in a safe and healthy work environment and in this way to contribute the emergence of a mentally and physically stable community and work force, and thus represent a guaranteed future.

With this basic and essential element of the management parable mind the Company 's intention is as follows:

  • to adopt and apply the legal provisions of the occupational safety and health, standards, as well as the modern management system;
  • to pursue technological changes and developments;
  • to improve the working environment and working conditions continuously;
  • inform employees and other related persons and related organizations;

and thus to create in all segments of society, particularly among the employees an awareness of "health and safety culture".


On-going training and education

The company arranges training sessions and programmes on a regular basis, such as Lean Management, for personal development, in order to increase the skills of the company's workforce, which numbers over 1,386 employees.

Our training sessions are well established and are based around the following integral elements:

  • Courtesy and fairness
  • A full sense of team spirit
  • In-house learning
  • A success-oriented approach


Within the ethical guidelines issued by the HR department, which form an essential part of the implementation of our basic principles, no discrimination can be made based on age, gender, religious belief, race, ethnic background or conviction. This applies to the recruitment process as well as to internal company processes such as promotion and rotation.